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"The Eye that Never Sleeps"

Who We Are

J&E Reid Enterprises is an organization that goes above and beyond to provide residences and businesses with the security solutions that they need in the modern world. Our technicians help keep the community safer by providing Fulton, NY citizens with high-quality products featuring the latest technology. Customers deserve the best, so we give it to them via professional service and top-notch goods.

Our Expertise

Just saying that you are an expert at something doesn’t make it so. Proof is needed to back up their claims. J&E Reid Enterprises opened its doors in Fulton, NY 8-years ago. Hence, the representatives have learned the tricks of the trade and what equipment people require most. Additionally, John R. Reid, the owner, was trained as a security analyst in the military.

Our Mission

J&E Reid Enterprises’s mission is to bring security through the latest technologies throughout the community. In doing so, the workers will promote honesty and loyalty to build strong, healthy bonds with the clients. The world is not a safe place for everyone, but in doing our part, Fulton, NY neighborhoods will become close-knit, and the residents will sleep a little better at night.

Our Community

The team doesn’t just travel to Fulton, NY to work. We are proud members of the community, which live here as well. The organization is involved with various charities and school fundraisers. Due to J&E Reid Enterprises being local, help is only a hop, skip, and a jump away as it should be. After all, the ultimate goal is to keep everybody safe.

Our Future Vision

Now, J&E Reid Enterprises is a small organization handling the security needs of Fulton, NY residents. However, it is important not to let this element fool you. The team is perfectly capable of taking on any job, no matter how big or small. Eventually, the plan for the business is to expand as necessary and provide stellar equipment and service to people statewide.

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